To Drink Water and its Importance to Stay Healthy:

It is frequently said that water is necessary for our bodies. No living thing can survive without water. Yes, it is true. Its chemical formula is H2O. We realize this when we have no water to drink. An English Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge has rightly said in his poem “On the Ocean.”

Water, Water, Everywhere,

And all the boards did shrink;

Water, water, everywhere,

However, not a drop to drink.

So from the above imagination and feeling of the poet reveals to us what is the importance of water in our lives. The deficiency of H2O can lead to death. So we cannot ignore it that a person should drink eight glasses of water in a day.

Importance of Water:

There is no living organism on our Earth that can survive without water. It covers 70% of the surface of the Earth, and about 60% of our body is composed of water. However, all life on our planet shares one thing in common: We all require water to survive, including plants and animals. Water helps to perform necessary functions in our body, and it plays a vital role in staying healthy and fit. It is involved in many functions of our body including,

  • Removing waste material from our body
  • Plays a role in regulating body temperature
  • It helps our brain in performing its functioning correctly.

Functions of H2O:

Here are more functions of H2O below to explain how H2O plays a role in keeping us healthy.

Role of H2O in Physical Activities:

If we do not drink H2O, the functionality of our body suffers badly. It becomes the most important thing to drink water in excessive amounts during intense exercise or extreme temperature. Dehydration can have a noticeable effect. If someone wants to lose as little as 2% of his body’s water, it will not be suitable for his health. Loss of water can lead to a modification in the body’s temperature control, abridged motivation, increased fatigue, and make it difficult for us to perform physical and mental activities. Therefore, if someone does exercise passionately and incline to sweat, then drinking water can help him perform at his best.


H2O is an efficient emollient that protects against damage resulting from friction. For Example, tears protect the surface of eyes from the rubbing of eyelids, and water also forms a fluid cushion around organs that helps to protect them from shock. It protects our joints, spinal cord, and tissues as well.

It helps in Digestion:

We should take H2O half an hour before any meal. This will help digest food more efficiently. It is essential to sustain water drinking, so bowel movements have enough water. If anyone does not use enough water, magnesium, and fiber, he may suffer from constipation repeatedly.

Improvement in blood Circulation:

It is revealed from many studies that H2O makes up 95% of our blood. Our entire body depends upon the circulation of blood. If there will be no blood circulation, then oxygenated blood can never be circulated in our bodies. This is all because of H2O.

H2O and Skin:

Skin is a thermoregulatory organ and the largest organ of our body. This is also important to know that skin is mostly made up of H2O. If we do not drink sufficient water, our skin will become rough. It plays a vital role in reducing wrinkles, improving complexion, healing better, losing weight, and PH balance.

Effect of H2O on Brain Functioning:

Water makes up 85% of brain cells. Drinking maximum H2O strongly influences our brain functions. A reasonable amount of H2O helps our brain to regulate physical activities more appropriately. Dehydration (Deficiency of H2O) leads to a decrease in energy levels and reduces memory and efficiency of the brain.

Status of Kidney Without H2O:

A kidney is a filter organ of our body. It regulates the functions of our body with the help of H2O. It maintains our body efficiently by conserving H2O up to 99.5% during extreme hot. The deficiency of H2O in our body can cause the failure of kidneys. Small stones in the kidney can be removed by drinking plenty of H2O.

Water as a Nutrient:

Nutrient H2O is necessary to perform the most function in our body. All the chemical reactions in the human body take place in the presence of H2O. Insufficient storage of water in our body can lead to even death.

Tips for Drinking H2O:

Add a little squash or a piece of lemon or some lime into simple H2O to add flavor and taste. We can also put some strawberries or mint leaves to feel fresh and energetic.

Keep a glass of H2O on the desk reading or just using the PC. Also, keep a bottle of H2O with yourself whenever you are out of the station in hot sunny weather.

Drink some H2O before each meal.

Add some ice cubes containing fresh fruit pieces to a glass of H2O. It will boost up the metabolism.

Use fresh juices of fresh fruits to avoid a deficiency of H2O in the body. They will enrich the body with respect to vitamins and necessary minerals.

Use such fruits and vegetables, which contain plenty of H2O like watermelon, cucumber, oranges, etc.

What is Dehydration?

When the H2O content in the body is too low, dehydration occurs. It can get serious status and leads to death, so it will be a blunder to ignore dehydration.

Indications of Dehydration:

  • Thirst and dryness
  • Headache and body pain
  • Tiredness and lethargy
  • Mood changes and slow responses
  • Dry nasal passageways
  • Dry or fractured lips
  • Concentrated pale urine
  • Weakness and dimness
  • Fatigue and Exhaustion
  • Confusion and illusions

    The only solution to overcome dehydration is to drink H2O as much as possible. Enough and quality water leads the life toward happiness and beauty.


Despite this great importance of H2O for humans and any other living being, H2O should be drunk with great care. We should only drink H2O when our body feels that we need it. An excessive amount of H2O in the body also creates problems like Diarrhea, Cholera, Nausea, and many more. It also affects the functioning of our kidneys, and we might have to go to the washroom several times a day.


From all this discussion, It is clear that H2O is life. Just think about for a while what would happen if there is no H2O? Everything will become lifeless in the world as, before the rain, things look dull in the desert. As someone rightly said about water that,

Water is a lovely thing.

Every color in the world

All the years, from spring to spring,

Water is the loveliest thing!

                        Drink water and Stay Healthy


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