YouTube: How To Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube: How To Start A YouTube Channel
YouTube: How To Start A YouTube Channel

How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel in 8 Easy Steps:

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform. On this platform, you can watch and share videos of your choice here.

The people who regularly share videos on this platform are called YouTubers these days. These YouTubers earn a handsome amount as well from YouTube Channel. Google owns YouTube.

You can also earn from this platform. Today, we will learn how you can start your YouTube channel to make money from it. It is straightforward, and there are a few simple steps for starting a YouTube channel.

Step 1: Create a Google ID:

Typically, these days, most of the people have Google IDs already.

If you don’t yet have an account on Google, here is how you can get your own Google ID.

Go to the Google account creation page. You can create a new Gmail email address for your account, or can also use an existing email address. Enter the required data and click Finish to complete creating Google ID.

Step 2: Create a YouTube brand account:

Go to YouTube website or app, Sign in with your Google ID.

Because when you create a Google ID, you can use all the services of Google from this ID. YouTube is also a service Google provides that.

Now, Go to create a YouTube brand account, not a personal account because when you create a particular YouTube channel, all the changes, and customizations of name, profile photo will also show on your Gmail id as well. You can also add your team to manage your YouTube channel, so I recommend you to create a Brand YouTube Channel.

When you create your YouTube channel, I recommend you to use a computer, because on the computer you will see many more options to optimize your Channel.

On brand account, you will also be able to see Analytics, which will provide you detailed insights about your YouTube Channel. Using these detailed analytics of your Channel, you could decide what kind of content your audience enjoys. So, you would be able to grow your Channel quickly using this feature.

On the channel page, add your details, banner, profile picture, and other necessary information that is asked there. Also, add social media pages for your Channel and link them with your YouTube channel.

Now, it is all done. You have successfully created your YouTube channel.

Step 3 – Upload Your First Video on Your Channel:

Now, after doing this all, it is time to upload your first video on YouTube. Login to your YouTube channel, click on the button of Create Video or Post on your mobile or computer screen. Then browse for the video on your mobile or computer and upload it on YouTube. It will take a little time to upload, depending upon the size of your video. Type the name of the video and describe your video from 100 characters up to 5000 characters. I advise you that also include your keywords in it. If you don’t know that what keywords are, comment on below of this post, I will create a separate detailed post for you on this topic. But keep in mind, it is an essential thing to work online on any platform. I advise you to learn as much as you can on keywords topic.

After you click on upload, the video will start uploading, and as soon as the video is 100% uploaded. YouTube will begin processing your video. They will check it for unique aspects, but the critical element is whether you use your exclusive content. Because some people copy others’ work and upload them on their Channel. This practice does not give any benefit. Content should be of yours.

Step 4 – Playlists and Categories:

Now create playlists in your YouTube channel and add videos in these playlists. It gives a lot of edge and benefit to your Channel. It makes it easy for the viewers to watch your videos one after one continuously. Also, customize your Channel according to the video categories.

Step 5 – Channel Trailer:

I recommend it to you should create a short video and upload it to your YouTube channel as a Channel Trailer. Sign in to your YouTube channel, go to the customization page and upload the channel trailer.

Step 6 – Team Members & Permissions:

I also recommend you to add team members to your YouTube channel. You can add them as managers, owners, editors, and viewers. It is up to you which role you want to give them.

Step 7 – Verify Your Channel:

It is suitable for you to verify your YouTube channel. It will unlock extra features for you, i.e., you can upload longer videos of over 15 minutes. You can upload customize thumbnails.

Step 8 – Join the YouTube Partner Program:

What is the YouTube partner program? It is a program that has eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, you can join this program. Currently, YouTube has set a milestone of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of public watch time in the last one year. You can apply If you meet these criteria, to join their partner program. If you get successful, then ads will start displaying on your videos, and you will also start earning from your passion.

This article is about creating a YouTube Channel. I will come with a few more items for you on this topic. These upcoming articles will cover how to make an excellent video to engage your audience on your YouTube Channel, and how to get more subscribers and views on your Channel.

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